Little Bird Dreams Workshops

As a coach, I’m increasingly contacted by parents concerned about the confidence of their children. Little Chick Has Lunch On The Moon is a message of self belief, confidence and achieving our dreams. Our workshops are proven to create an environment where children are empowered, confident and excited to explore their thoughts and dream big.

So how does it support your curriculum?

Personal development

Children should be given opportunities to:

  • express and communicate different feelings and emotions – their own and those of others
  • show curiosity and develop positive attitudes to new experiences and learning
  • become independent thinkers and learners
  • develop an awareness of what they are good at and understand how they can improve their learning and use feedback to improve their work
  • concentrate for lengthening periods
  • value the learning, success and achievements of themselves and other people.

Moral and spiritual development

Children should be given opportunities to:

  • respond to ideas and questions enthusiastically, sensitively, creatively, and intuitively
  • communicate and reflect on the decisions made in stories, situations or personally, suggesting alternative responses
  • use stories or situations to raise questions about why some things are special
  • express ideas and feelings creatively, explaining why they are significant
  • talk about the choices available to individuals and discuss whether the choices available make a decision easier or more complex.


Children should be given opportunities to:

  • value and contribute to their own well-being and to the well-being of others
  • be aware of their own feelings and develop the ability to express them in an appropriate way
  • understand the relationship between feelings and actions and that other people have feelings
  • develop a growing interest in the world around them and understand what their environment has to offer when playing alone and with others.

Social development

Children should be given opportunities to:

  • consider the consequences of words and actions for themselves and others
  • form relationships and feel confident to play and work cooperatively
  • develop a positive self-image and a sense of belonging as part of different communities and have an understanding of their own identity.


Why not speak to your head teacher first and then get in touch with us to find out more.
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