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March 2020 Alison is a guest on Nikki Tapper’s show on Radio WM

  • Alison was thrilled to be welcomed back to BBC WM last Sunday evening to talk with host Nikki Tapper and share some exciting news about one of Little Bird’s new collaborations. Little Bird is extremely proud to partner with Wesleyan, one of Birmingham’s oldest and most respected financial services provider, to support The Pines School in North Birmingham.  
  • The Pines works with young people across Birmingham from nursery to year 8 who have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). Their vision is to create a safe and happy environment for their children to develop life-long communication skills to become a valued member of modern day society.
  • These values align with those of Little Bird, whose mission is to build resilience, self-belief and confidence in little birds all over the world.
  • The Little Bird Dream Team will deliver a number of workshops to the children of The Pines once they return to school and look forward to exploring their dreams.

September 2018 Alison and LIttle Bird nominated for TWO Best Business Women awards!

July 2018 Alison has made the shortlist at the Forward Ladies Regional Awards

December 2017 Little Bird wins the Outstanding People Development Award!

November 2017 Alison and Little Bird have been nominated at the Asian Business Chamber Awards

May 2017 Little Bird and Roundhouse Publishing feature on The BIP (Business Information Portal)

March 2017 Made in Birmingham World Book Day Conference Coverage

November 2016 Birmingham Airport News


May 2019 HSBC ConnectUs Graduate Event 

Alison had a fantastic evening at the HSBC ‘Congradulations’ event in London. This celebration was for graduates who have taken up a destination role in the last few months with HSBC, to congratulate them on their first appointment and provide them with support as they develop in their first role.

Alison delivered an interactive workshop to focus on how to consciously understand and influence stakeholders whilst retaining integrity to gain win/win outcomes, and the feedback from the graduates was incredibly positive

April 2019 Women in Tax 

Alison was invited by KPMG andP inset Masons to deliver a workshop to the West Midlands Women in Tax group, which enabled them to explore career aspirations and the possibilities for progression in their chosen profession.

March 2019 Hampshire Headteachers Conference

Alison experienced a fantastic day as one of the guest speakers alongside Dame Esther Rantzen at the Hampshire Headteachers Conference.  A day full of inspirational messages and examples of how we’re really making a difference for children in eduction.

March 2019 West Midlands Women’s Voice International Women’s Day event

Alison was truly honoured to take part in the West Midlands Women’s Voice International Women’s Day event on 6th March. Amongst the speakers were Dr Helen Pankhurst CBE, Andy Street and Sam Smethers, CEO of the Fawcett Society.  Alison took part in a panel session discussing how Music and Art can help make positive changes within  communities, and how the impact of literacy can be life changing. Also on the panel were Tru Powell from Aston Performing Arts Academy, Laura McMillan from Coventry UK City of Culture 2021, Mary Wakeman Sloan from Birmingham Town Hall and Symphony Hall, Dr Sarah Browne from University of Wolverhampton and Marika Bee, singer, songwriter and founder the YAP Network.

January 2019 A Return to Chantlers Primary School

Alison returned to one of the very first Little Bird Ambassador schools, Chantlers Primary School in Bury to meet the Little Chicks in Reception who are at the very beginning of their exciting learning journey! During the Dreams Workshop, Alison read her self-published book, Little Chick has Lunch on the Moon and encouraged the children to join in with some lively story telling. Afterwards, the children were encouraged to explore their dreams for the future and share these with the class.  

Last year Chantlers won two national awards from the Schools, Students and Teachers Network for being one of the best performing schools in the country. They were awarded the ‘Educational Outcomes Awards for Children’s Attainment – top 20%’ and ‘Children’s Progress – top 20%’ which recognises their significantly higher than average levels at KS2

More recently the school was recognised in national league tables for exceptional progress in their Key Stage Two SATs results. Children at the school made well above average progress in reading, writing and maths ­— one of only two schools in the borough to record such an achievement in all three subjects.

January 2019 Corporate IT Forum ‘Taking Control of Your Career’ Seminar

 It was a pleasure to be a speaker at CITF #TakingControlofYourCareer event. Alison shared her thoughts about how ‘It’s time to ‘turn up’ in your career, talking to the delegates about how achieving your career goals requires a strategy and a plan.  Successful people invest the time to create and adjust their strategy which is essential if we wish to remain relevant in this rapidly changing world of work.  The seminar gave delegates the opportunity to help shape their future by taking their work and career potential into their own hands and developing new confidence and ability to position themselves for success.

July 2018 Corporate IT Forum ‘Culture in Action’ Conference

 It was a pleasure to be a speaker at CITF #CultureInAction Conference and hear the thoughts from leaders across 30 organisations on the importance of Leading With Empathy and how to develop our leaders with the skills to do this effectively. We typically don’t encourage conversations about how we’re feeling in the workplace yet we see an increase in emotional and physiologically related absence and mental health issues continue to soar! Do you think we’re doing enough to support our people?

April 2018 Mitie Foundation’s ‘World of Work’

Little Bird joined The Mitie Foundation’s ‘World of Work’ event at Greenwood Academy in Birmingham. It was an interactive challenging day helping students understand the world of work and inspiring our young people to be all they can be.

March 2018 Birmingham Young Professionals Network

Brilliant insights into meaningfulness, self awareness & leadership from Alison at the Birmingham Futures event. Key takeaway of the night: believe in yourself, challenge the perceived limitations, align your core values with your mission & make an impact. With awareness comes change.

March 2018 World Book Day Dreams Workshop at Shirestone Academy

Alison and Little Bird hosted a very special World Book Day themed Dreams Workshop at Shirestone Academy in Birmingham, sponsored by Little Bird’s corporate partner Birmingham Airport.

January 2018 #WomenEd Career Development keynote and workshop

Alison presented her journey to a packed assembly hall at Coleshill Heath School. Teachers, business women and entreprenuers listened to how Alison’s family and loving upbringing helped her create Little Bird and is the motivation fotr all the fantastic work she does to empower children and adults.

October 2017 National Education Show, Cardiff.

Keynote seminar and workshop delivered to Teachers and Educators from all around the UK on the importance of never letting go of your dreams, and how we can encourage children to feel the same.  Click here for a video of the Workshop

June 2017 Life Ready Celebration Event

Delivering a talk to Teachers, Educators and Business Leaders from around Birmingham on the importance and the impact of Little Bird’s Dreams Workshops

March 2017 Little Bird World Book Day Celebration

Delivering a Confidence Building and Self-Belief workshop to children from Little Bird schools around the country

January 2017 Coleshill Heath Library Opening Day

December 2016 Visiting Birmingham Childrens Hospital with Santa to donate Little Chick books

May 2016 AquaSource, Bulgaria

March 2016 Ronald MacDonald House Book Reading

January 2016 Utility Warehouse

Coventry University

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Alison WebsiteAlison Delaney has turned her life purpose of empowering people to live their dreams into her businesses. She’s an expert in Behavioural and Cultural Change. A Coach, Motivational Speaker and Published Author of the children book ‘Little Chick Has Lunch On The Moon.’ During her career of over 20 years, Alison has supported thousands of businesses, schools, charities and individuals to harness their personal power and achieve their goals. Alison’s style and expertise has helped thousands of business owners within Network Marketing believe in themselves and their abilities to build successful businesses.

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