Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School

Alison’s visit to Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, Tile Cross, Birmingham

“We recently involved the whole school in the Little Bird Dream Workshop led by Alison. It was such an incredible day. The day started with an assembly, led by Alison, where she introduced herself and her fabulous book ‘Little Chick has Lunch on the Moon‘. The children were instantly captivated. They were learning from a real life author. The book and story appealed to every single child from Reception right up to year 6. The children went back to class and the conversations begun about dreams, ambitions and life choices. The children were given the opportunity to dream big and consider what they want out of life rather than what other people and society dictate that they should want. These dreams spanned from becoming a doctor or a teacher to owning a house, visiting different parts of the world or just simply owning a dog. The children learnt that dreams are not just job based but that all people of all ages have a right to dream about whatever they wish.

As the day progressed the children also talked about and discovered different aspects of their personality that they use at different times to make different dreams happen. For example there will always be a time for thinking and being still, a time to be caring and considerate, a time to be serious and plan and a time to be excited and adventurous.

As part of the workshop they also wrote a postcard to a child in a different country who would also receive a copy of ‘Little Chick has Lunch on the Moon’. There is only one word to describe their messages – inspirational. The advice and words of support they had for other children was moving and emotional to say the least. During the closing assembly one year 6 boy said to me ‘I love this book’. When I asked him why he responded by saying that ‘it’s a lovely story, but it’s not just for us, the younger children will like it too.’ The sense of unity and support and friendship in that assembly was incredible. As a teacher it was one of those moments where you step back, look and realised that you have made a difference.

I can’t thank Alison and her dream team enough for an outstanding day! THANK YOU!”

Sarah Cahill (AHT Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School)

See what happened during the Little Bird Dreams Workshop: